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F. Carige: interim meetings, in the next few days a letter Bank (source)

Milan (MF-DJ)--the current meetings of the Board of Directors and Council of Address by f. Carige took an interim nature and are served to make the point with the advisor b. Imi in relation to recent events that have the Bank involved, first of all the results of the stress test of the ECB. At the end of the meetings, says the source, it was decided to send- with the advice of the legal-a letter to the Bank to ask what It is the intention of the Institute to meet the shortfall of 811 million emerged from the stress test. As we learn, in the letter the Foundation will nod also alternative tools to the one and only for capital increase across from the amount requested. In detail, the reflections made by There will also be Foundation some relating to the possibility of involve ...

Work: Cisl, hopefully start shooting for real jobs

Rome (MF-DJ)--"Some first timid signs of recovery accompany photograph of the employment situation disclosed today by Istat, for in fact, the first time for a long, long time, there are two more ...

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